We are ?


ALLGAEUVET co, is one of the pioneering companies in the manufacture of premixes in Egypt and the Middle East. The administration of ALLGAEUVET company, depends on the managing office to decide the work position hierarchy .


to compete for a better name and for the best premix product , the best feed Additive in Egypt and the Middle East.


The policy of ALLGAEUVET is to keep up with good warehousing standards as indicated by the good Manufacture practice GMP (Good Manufacture Practice) where the warehouses are to be divided in the following manner :

  • Raw Material warehouses : The company dispatches the raw material according to the Fofo (First Expiry First out ) Also each material is stored separately to avoid the Mix up .
  • Vitamin Warehouse : A special warehouse has been allocated for vitamins and the heat sensitive substances according to the medicinal specifications (Good ventilation, dimmed lights, and the temperature varies between 20-22 degrees centigrade, and the relative humidity does not exceed 65%).
  • warehouses for completed products : ALLGAEUVET’s policy in manufacturing depends on the client’s order ( production according to order placement )and the completed product is not stored inside the company , Upon the completion of a product it is immediately transferred to the client in the company vehicles that are specially designed for that purpose .

Manufacturing units

The production units have been Manufactured using stainless steel to preserve the quality of the effective substances through the assistance of the major companies in that field whereby the production units, the packaging lines and the scales ,all of which are designed , operated and controlled thereby allowing the control of all the production stages and lines via the remote control without any manual intervention . The production lines are also designed vertically allowing the movement of the raw materials in one direction thus avoiding the partial and total of the raw materials in between the operations .

The Effective substances

All the raw materials that are used and stored in ALLGAEUVET ware houses are obtained from sources subject to European standards of the internationally accredited companies in the fields of vitamins , salts and the feed additives . ALLGAEUVET has always relied on importing all its mineral salts from its fundamental sources in Europe , Asia ,and Latin America . ALLGAEUVET imports the vitamins by relying only on its trustworthy sources within Europe or from around the world provided that it is in conformity with the European standards .

Analyzing the Data

The company gathers and analyzes the data resulting from the following of the activities and the operations for the purpose of proving and exhibiting the suitability and effectiveness of the Quality Management System and also for the purpose of locating those areas that require more time and effort in carrying out the continuous improvements in it while priority zing the following :-

  • Client satisfaction.
  • The conformity between the product and the specified standards.
  • The characteristics and the deviation of the operations and products and the required preventive measures.
  • The importers.

The production

The first stage of the manufacturing takes place through the Barcode system where the barcode placed on the raw material packages is compared with the barcode placed on the ware houses in which the raw materials is stored since the doors of the warehouses won’t open except after the sending of a positive electronic signal indicating the similarity between the package being added and the ware house it self .This is a unique system that is only used by ALLGAEVITE .

The Monitoring and the Quality

The company includes a special department for monitoring and ascertaining the quality . IT is based on authenticating and revising all the operations related to the safety and quality of the final product . In the Quality Management Department Training systems are also placed on the dual follow up system in some of the manufacturing stages . sometimes a triple follow up system is placed and it is a system that has been applied in all the operations that are carried out inside the warehouses and during the production and manufacturing till reaching the client .

Ascertaining the Quality

Every operation carried out on the production line gets authenticated through an operation file in which all the stages of the production operation are recorded. It includes the supply order from the representative, the compound data , the raw material dispatch permit and the printed document issued by the production line computer in conformity with the actual compound in addition to an inspection certificate of the final product issued by our analysis laboratory .